Spa Day, Home Day

With Coronavirus and variants on the loose, we might not feel comfortable going right back into the spas. This is why you can create your own home day routine while you are off of work. Your office might be home based right now as well, so it’s imperative that you give yourself some time out to pamper yourself. Your home can become that all purpose getaway.

First, to create your own spa day, you will need essential oils and a bowl that can hold boiling water. You might want to add in some loose tea instead if you find that essential oils are irritating to your complexion. Boil some water and put it in the bowl with your fixings. Then, you can lift your head above the bowl and cover everything with a big towel.

Be careful when you put your head under that you never touch the boiling water with your face. Additionally, you might find that the initial heat is too much. Always be sensitive to your skin. You can hold your head under this home sauna and just breathe deeply. This ritual will deep clean your pores.

This home sauna is great too when you have a cold. It will help you breath better and loosen up mucus. It can also provide a temporary distraction when your nose is running. After you have had enough of your sauna, make sure that you splash some water on your face to get rid of the sweat. Your skin will be very delicate so no need to do cleansing at this point.

After the home spa, put on your favorite moisturizer. The ingredients should penetrate deeper into your skin. However, be careful not to use anything with active ingredients such as retinol. It is better to give your skin a break after your sauna to avoid any unwanted sensitivity.